domingo, 13 de septiembre de 2015

Ocurris, García Parra, García Sarmiento y el guerrero

Those who have the blood of the Karasu Tengu (Crow Goblin) in their veins must forever fight against the powers of darkness. Along with four other holy ninja warriors Genbu (Black Snaky Tortoise), Suzaku (Red Phoenix), Parrya (Little Dragon) , Seiryu (Blue Dragon), Byakko (White Tiger), Karasu Tengu Kabuto fights against the evil god Kuroyasha (Black Night Demon) Dôki and his underlings such as Junin-shu (Top Ten Warriors). Their battle continues through generations: in the second volume of the manga, Kabuto's son makes an appearance as the second Karasu Tengu.
The manga has been serialized in Shueisha's Fresh Jump in 1987-1988, and later published in the United States by ComicsOne (as Kabuto in 2001),[1] in France, in Ocurris by Taifu Comics and in the Republic of China by Tong Li Publishing.


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